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T-30LSE—Limited Special Edition: RBH Sound has been producing the highest quality speaker and audio products for over 31 years. In 2006, our highest performance freestanding tower speaker was developed. The T-30LSE is the result of combining the latest in speaker technologies with over three decades of engineering expertise. At the forefront of the best-of-the-best freestanding speakers, the T-30LSE is an audio enthusiast’s dream come true. Higher resolution and increased articulation are the end result of the T-30LSE’s design. The woofers and tweeters are arranged in a dispersion-averaging alignment that focuses the sound at the listening position for unbelievable imaging. Another benefit of this alignment is reduced sound reflections from other surfaces in the listening environment. These sonic attributes are not typically found in a speaker capable of delivering the sound pressure levels the T-30LSE can produce. This model is only available in custom veneer finishes.

T-1/R—Outfitted with reference-grade components, the T-1/R takes the performance of the T-1 to the next level. The T-1/R inherits all the benefits of the T-1’s driver configuration, with increased audio quality and higher power handling. With exceptional fidelity and detail, the T-1/R is designed for the discriminating audio enthusiast who takes a no-compromise attitude with his or her audio system. This model is only available in custom veneer finishes.

T-2N/R / T-2P/R —A T-1/R atop a 1010-SE/R combine to create the reference-grade T-2/R. Increased audio quality and higher power handling are just two of the enhancements the T-2/R has over the T-2. The 1010-SE/R’s long-throw subwoofers increase the T-2/R’s bass accuracy and overall output capability. Designed for overzealous listeners, the T-2/R is capable of satisfying the person who just can’t seem to get enough of crystal clear, powerful sound.This model is only available in custom veneer finishes. T-2N/R (non-powered), T-2P/R (powered with SA-500DSP subwoofer amplifiers).

T-3N/R / T-3P/R —The T-3/R is the epitome of the Signature Series T System. Encompassing the best of what this system has to offer, the towering T-3/R has the capability of knocking you back in your seat, yet it can reproduce even the softest of whispers. Dual 1010-SE/R subwoofer sections are used to provide system flexibility, allowing for both full-range and LFE configurations. The T-1/R faithfully reproduces everything it is sent. A must-have for the audio and home theater connoisseur, the T-3/R is definitely not a speaker for the faint of heart. This model is only available in custom veneer finishes. T-3N/R (non-powered), T-3P/R (powered with SA-500DSP subwoofer amplifiers).

T-1—The award-winning T-1 is the foundation of the RBH T System. Four 6½-inch aluminum cone woofers and three liquid-cooled silk dome tweeters come together in a dispersion-averaging alignment for the ultimate in sound quality and performance. The T-1’s driver configuration focuses the sound at the listening position for incredible imaging. The T-1 comes in mirror-image pairs and can be used as a freestanding speaker, custom installed into a cabinet, or purchased as a package with one or two subwoofers in a T-2 or T-3 configurations.

T-2N / T-2P—The T-2 consists of a T-1 atop a 1010-SEN subwoofer. As a mirror-image pair, the T-2 excels in providing the most discriminating listener with an amazing aural experience. The T-2 is capable of handling large amounts of power while delivering the highest fidelity and performance in even the largest home theater or listening room. The image-focusing driver alignment and clarity of the T-1 mated with the 1010-SEN’s phenomenal bass deployment make the T-2 among the best performing freestanding speakers RBH has ever produced. T-2N (non-powered), T-2P (powered with SA-500DSP subwoofer amplifiers).

T-3N / T-3P—A T-2 with an additional 1010-SEN subwoofer, the T-3 has a dynamic range that clearly puts it in a league of its own. The T-3 delivers the ultimate in performance for large-scale music and home theater systems. Producing sound pressure levels that would rival a commercial theater, the T-3 provides astounding sonic clarity throughout the frequency spectrum. The T-3 also offers the most flexibility, allowing for both full-range and LFE configurations for the 1010-SEN sections. T-3N (non-powered), T-3P (powered with SA-500DSP subwoofer amplifiers).