Designed for audio and home theater fanatics, the MC Series delivers amazing performance at an outstanding value. The MC Series utilizes the same proprietary aluminum cone technology found in RBH Sound’s award-winning Signature Series products. The series’ enclosures are constructed from medium density fiberboard (MDF) for strength and rigidity, providing an environment for the speakers to produce an immense soundstage with pinpoint imaging. The enclosures are finished with the finest quality, genuine hardveneer veneer and feature RBH Sound’s exclusive Resonance Damping Alloy Baffle (RDAB) technology. This technology enhances the clarity of the speakers by eliminating any vibrations from the enclosure’s front baffle and will tempt you to leave the grilles off. Assembling the perfect home theater ensemble is no guessing game with the MC Series; each speaker is voice-matched to provide a seamless integration between all speakers. No space for box speakers in the back of the room? No problem. MC Series in-wall and in-ceiling speakers sonically match their freestanding counterparts for the ultimate in system flexibility.

We take the guessing game out of assembling the perfect home theater ensemble to match your needs. Each speaker within the MC Series is voice matched to provide a seamless integration between all speakers. No space for box speakers in the back of the room? No problem – we also offer MC Series in-wall loudspeakers that sonically match their freestanding counterparts.

High-quality components, great looks, and easy on the pocket-book – but most importantly, incredible sound is what RBH Sound and the MC Series is all about. Visit a dealer today and experience why, for over 30 years, RBH Sound has been redefining the way you experience sound.

MC Series Freestanding Brochure
MC Series Freestanding Users Manual
RBH Sound In-wall/In-ceiling Brochure (2008)
MC Series In-ceiling Brochure
In-ceiling Users Manual
MC Series In-wall Brochure
In-wall Users Manual

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