The movie theater experience has come a long way since the first talkie. Actually, there have been so many improvements to cinema sound since then, it’s hard for many to imagine a movie experience with anything less than the latest technology. The new RBH Sound Pro Cinema Speaker System guarantees moviegoers will experience all the detail and sonic impact today’s hottest digital soundtracks provide.

RBH Sound has been on the cutting edge of home theater audio design and engineering for as long as home theater has been around. Throughout the years, RBH Sound has won numerous awards for exceptional performance at an outstanding value. This experience and award-winning performance, once found only in the home, is now available for professional cinema venues.

RBH Sound has invested many years of research and development into the Pro Cinema system, with the primary objective to deliver high-end home theater sound in the professional cinema environment, giving moviegoers the enhanced experience they want and deserve. The results are crystal clear, detailed high frequencies which aren’t bright or harsh, and exceptional midrange for easy-to-understand dialog. The bass is deep, tight, and well-controlled with impressive slam and impact. To accomplish this level of performance and effortlessly handle the demands of full-size professional cinema auditoriums, aluminum cone drivers, woofers and compression tweeters were engineered from scratch. Even the cabinet construction revolutionizes industry standards through the use of dense construction materials with complex internal bracing. All aspects of typical professional cinema speaker construction were re-engineered to improve performance to a level that exceeded even our own design goals.

The new RBH Pro Cinema Speaker System redefines the movie experience. Available exclusively from the company dedicated to redefining the way you experience sound.

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