RBH Sound’s Signature Series In-wall speakers are designed to provide award-winning sound quality in custom, built-in environments. These speakers also provide a true timbre-match to Signature Series floor-standing speakers as they feature the same high quality components.

These speakers have been designed as a high-performance solution for installations where a center channel is intentionally removed from a surround system to allow for design requirements or otherwise cannot be used. A pair of these in-wall speakers can eliminate the need for a dedicated center channel when wired for dual-channel operation. For situations where a third SI-663 or SI-663/R can be used as a dedicated center channel, the trio can be wired in one-channel configuration, allowing each to discretely provide left, center or right channels for a high performance seamless front sound stage.

SI-663 and SI-663/R In-wall LCR Speaker

Speaker Placement Color Graphic

Front Speakers: The SI-663 or SI-663/R have the unique ability to perform double-duty as both a center-channel speaker and as a main front left or right speaker for a surround sound system.

Center Channel Speaker: If two SI-663s or SI-663/Rs are in dual-channel mode, the lower tweeter and woofer on each side will function as the center channel, this allows the top two woofers and tweeter on each speaker to be the front left or right channel. For situations where a dedicated center channel can be installed, three SI-663s or SI-663/Rs can be used for the front left, center and right channels for an outstanding in-wall home theater system.

Also available is the MC-553 In-wall LCR Speaker with the same featues as the Signature Series SI-663 in a smaller in-wall format.

MC-553 In-wall LCR Speaker
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