Three 10-inch high performance subwoofers with 100 ounce Strontium magnets per side.

Ultra high performance Jantzen Audio and Kimber Kap crossover components for ultimate fidelity.

Dual WBT® wiring terminals on each cabinet guarantee secure connections and wiring flexibility.

The interconnection bracket not only dampens vibrations, it features a channel for discreet wiring.

Dual WBT® wiring terminals on each cabinet guarantee secure connections and wiring flexibility

Over ten years in the making. Countless hours, changes in design, components, schematics and the pursuit of acoustic perfection have all led to one design to-date. Status Acoustics is proud to introduce the new 8T Reference Standard Tower.

Capable of enveloping its listeners in indescribable audio bliss, the 8T is no ordinary speaker system. It is the result of the marriage of the finest components and materials money can buy with award-winning craftsmanship. Never before has a speaker system been so adeptly capable of conveying music so accurately and with such emotion.

New design features proprietary aluminum alloy cone subwoofers, four proprietary Beryllium alloy cone midrange and one Scan-Speak Beryllium dome tweeter. Eight drivers working in unison to deliver unequaled acoustic clarity and dynamics.

The finest components have been used featuring:

  • WBT® wiring terminals
  • Jantzen Audio® crossover components
  • Kimber Kap® crossover components
  • Kimber Kable® internal wiring

The cabinets are shaped from multiple layers of material bonded together. This helps give it a unique shape, while allowing the thickness of the cabinet to be varied as needed to increase performance. This method of construction also permits internal bracing for better integration than conventional cabinet design methods. Available in one of 30 uniquely different wood-grain veneers finishes.

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