Sound Quality. Build Quality. Aesthetics. Value. AT RBH these are all attributes we take to heart when designing and manufacturing our speakers. For over 27 years our commitment to excellence in manufacturing has led to many innovative loudspeaker designs. With the all-new Architectural Cinema (AC) Series, RBH marries long-standing manufacturing excellence, with modern styling to create a home theater speaker ensemble unlike any other.

Cabinet construction is one of the most vital aspects of any great speaker design and the AC cabinets are no exception. In case you were wondering, it’s traditional MDF (medium density fiberboard) infused with composite materials that create the rock-solid cabinet and seamless curves. Those curves not only look good, they function to eliminate cabinet resonance that can impart an undesirable sonic signature, thereby degrading sound quality. Smart and sexy.

Taking advantage of the latest in driver technologies, the tweeters feature a magnetic cooling fluid allowing them to handle more power without compressing, or distorting the sound. The midrange drivers also employ a vented pole piece that provides additional cooling. The heavy-duty, long-throw woofers are capable of moving large volumes of air and take full advantage of the AC Series’ rigid cabinets to create tight, accurate, well defined bass.

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System 1 | System 2 | AC-5CT
AC-525 | AC-51 | A-10S

Extensive research went into the crossover design for this system to ensure the proper integration of each driver for a seamless sonic presentation. The number of components and overall cable lengths were kept to a minimum to help provide a smooth, uniform response. The AC Series also employs fast and efficient tweeter protection circuitry—a feature often reserved for much higher priced speaker designs. The combination of these features guarantees many years of reliable, trouble-free enjoyment.

Flexibility is key when trying to incorporate a speaker ensemble into any home environment. The AC Series can be combined to create a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system by mixing and matching the AC-5CT tower speakers and the AC-51 bookshelf speakers with the AC-525 center speaker and A-10S subwoofer.

For homes where surround speaker placement is a challenge, RBH sonically matched the AC Series with their existing A-Series inwall and inceiling speakers. Towers in the front, bookshelves in the back, a pair of inceilings in the rear—no matter what your ideal configuration the AC Series will create an visually and sonically unparalleled home theater experience in your home.

It would be easy to call the AC Series a “value-oriented” speaker system, but their stylish looks combined with state-of-the-art technology belies the term. We encourage you, in fact, we urge you to compare the AC Series to our competitors. After all, an informed consumer is our best customer. We are confident that in the end you will see that there really is no comparison at all.

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