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RBH brand speakers have been winning awards and, more importantly, winning the hearts of audio enthusiasts for many years. Our EP2 Noise Isolating Earphones deliver the high fidelity our company is known for to your iPhone©, iPod©, MP3 player, smart phone or other personal audio player. The EP2 earphones deliver the awesome performance of the EP1 and also include a microphone control module which adds several functions with only the push of a button. By activating functions with the press of the button, the EP2 earphones become virtually hands-free, no fumbling for your phone to answer a call; just click the EP2's control button, and enjoy the best sounding phone call you've ever heard! The module allows you to answer and end calls, and depending upon your phone's capabilities, the button can be used to control music and video playback by single- or double-pressing the button. Regular earbuds, like the ones that come with your player, just can't match the EP2’s performance, control or noise isolation capabilities!

The EP2 earphones deliver a wide sound stage free from outside noise and interruptions. Aluminum housings, premium materials, strict tolerances, gold connector jack and a cloth woven cord for comfort and less tangle are some of the features of the EP2. The RBH reputation for quality is evident in the construction, attention to detail and clear sound. These durable and stylish earphones come with a protective carrying pouch, a cord clip, Comply Foam Tips, and large, medium and small silicone ear cushions for a comfortable and personalized fit. The EP2 feature the use of a mic allowing you hands free functionality.

Looking for earphones without a microphone and function control features check out our EP1 Noise Isolating Earphones

  • The EP2 earphones include mic-module adding several functions with the push of only one button.
  • Delivers the high fidelity sound our company is known for.
  • Provides a wide sound stage free from outside noise and interruptions.
  • Compact, lightweight, portable design for easy traveling and comfort.
  • Comply isolation (black) tips in medium and large included.
  • Silicone ear tips in small, medium and large sizes included.
  • Durable storage pouch for on-the-go protection and convenience.

Applie® iPhone® 6 Compatibility
EP2 User’s Manual
Technical Specifications Sheet
Silicone Tip Installation Video

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Received these, and they sound great. Honestly, this customer service experience has been so good that I will absolutely buy another pair of these headphones in the future. I have had about fifteen pairs of in-ear headphones over the past five years, and these are head and shoulders above all the rest. Thanks again" — Andrew S.

Great customer service. Started to have an issue with my EP2s. I only had to make one call, talked to a real person and without any hassle, had a replacement pair in my hands the same week. I was really bummed when the headphones started acting up but with the way they handled it, I'm really happy I went with RBH now." — Austin C.

For the money, you will not find better sounding, better crafted earphones than the EP line from RBH. In fact, you will not find earphones of this quality for twice the money and then some. The high level of customer care alone is testimony to what you can expect from this company. RBH has it covered across the board. I now have a new go-to gift that will not fail to please and to impress." — Phil B.

It was nice talking with you again yesterday. I have really enjoyed the EP-2 earphones just as you said - they are more comfortable in my ears than I would have expected, and the sound is truly excellent. Also, they have plenty of volume for use on an airplane, much more so than previously tried earphones. I really appreciate your willingness to replace the lost leather pouch. It was truly sad to leave them on a plane (and not be recovered) so soon after purchasing them. Once again, thanks in advance for being willing to take care of this. I will be showing and demo'ing the EP-2’s to all my friends and family for sure - they are truly excellent and good value for the money. Best regards," — Eric

I got them yesterday and have been using them a lot. It’s always strange to listen to new head/earphones when you»ve been used to others for so long. I also had to switch the standard foam pieces for the large, silicone pieces. Once I did that, they sounded almost as good as my Sony MDR-7506s. And that’s pretty amazing for an earphone. I really wanted to stick with the Comply tips but the problem with foam is that I can never get both sides to be identical in feel and sound. That’s something that is an absolute must for me. But the silicone tips did the trick. I’ve been using the 7506 for almost 20 years; for engineering/mastering, pleasure listening, and for the last several years, for work. Unfortunately, they leak quite a bit of sound and disturb my coworkers. (Which is ironic because they’re the reason I have to play them so loud!) Anyway, I felt it was time that went for some earphones for work. I read the review on The Wire Cutter and had to give the EP2s a try, and I’m very glad I did. They blow my Etymotics out of the water in every way. If I can’t wear my 7506s, these are a very close second, even compared to other “high-end” headphones that I’ve used. Thanks and keep up the good work." — Adam

I am an RBH user for life and will continue to promote the brand among friends and family." — Ben W.

I purchased the EP2 headphones after reading the other great reviews online for these headphones. I agree with all the positive reviews whole heartily! The rich, crisp, complex sounds these earphones put out will not disappoint! For the price there is nothing that competes with these headphones. Everything I have disliked with other headphones are perfect with the EP2’s. They are soooo comfortable to top it off. I could wear these headphones for hours and I love the Foam Tips. I want to give a quick shout out to the customer service. They answer the phones, are friendly and quick to respond to questions and concerns. The all around experience dealing with this company was above all expectations. Great Company!" — Nathan

Received the replacement EP1 headphones today for my wife. Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing service and response time. I've got a pair of the EP2s myself and love them. You guys make amazing products and stand behind them. You've got yourself a big ambassador here in Canada." — Dinaro

I just bought these after the Wirecutter review and I wanted to say thank you. They are wonderful and made me realize how muddy and murky my previous headphones were. Lovely sound, quality yet simple manufacture - great job! I positively look forward to listening to music through them! Cheers" — Colin

I tried very hard to find any area of fault with the EP2 and I just couldn’t. I have reviewed numerous products and have never had a product perform so perfectly as did the EP2. Aah yes the sound crisp, clear, warm, nothing short of magnificent. For $179 it is of my opinion that you won't find any other in-ear headphones that will match the quality, price, or sound than the EP2 headphones at this price range. It has always been my belief that a good product is only as good as the customer service. Well, RBH customer service are tops, I feel like I know them personally." — Bill R.

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