UPDATED: September 22, 2015

RBH is now including 2 stabilizing spacers with every new EP2 and EP3 purchase.

If you are experiencing compatibility issues with your EP2 or EP3 headphones and your iPhone, please contact us to request 2 free stabilizing spacers.

Those who are experiencing compatibility issues with other brands of headphones can purchase 2 stabilizing spacers for $2.00 including free domestic shipping within the continental United States here.

November 17, 2014

Subject: RBH® EP2 Earphone Compatibility Issues with Apple® iPhone® 6 and iPhone® 6 Plus Devices

Recently, it came to our attention that a few of our customers were experiencing compatibility issues between their RBH EP2 earphones and their iPhone® 6 and iPhone® 6 Plus devices. Users mentioned that when their RBH EP2s were plugged into either of these models, their device would randomly pause music or, at times, randomly engage Siri, Apple® iOS’s personal assistant. RBH Sound promptly began to investigate these compatibility issues, attempting to substantiate and resolve any concerns as quickly as possible.

An Apple Support Communities forum titled, "iphone 6 headphone jack Issues" found today at https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6546098provides some insight about possible causes of these issues. Our technicians tested multiple pairs of EP2 earphones with and without a silicone o-ring installed on the EP2’s headphone jacks on both an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6 Plus. Even with the o-ring in place, the issues could persist when the headphone jack was moved or adjusted due to the soft nature of the o-ring material. It was also quickly determined that any touching or shorting of the EP2’s metal headphone tip casing against the metal cases of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was not the primary cause of this issue.

Our technicians have concluded that if the headphone jack isn’t stabilized using a harder material and kept from being inserted too deeply into either iPhone model, these issues could persist. As of the date of this document, we are currently sourcing the stabilizing spacer shown in our demonstration video found today at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnIc6_Y4irc.

We have also concluded that the issues described here are limited to use of standard, 4-conductor 3.5mm diameter male headphone jacks. There appear to be no problems when using standard, 3-conductor, 3.5 mm diameter male headphone jacks. Thus, when using a standard set of stereo earphones or headphones without a microphone or smartphone control functions like the RBH EP1 with either iPhone model, we could not duplicate any of the compatibility issues.

EP2 Earphones

Additionally, the issues described here are not necessarily limited to the RBH EP2 earphones. Any earphone or headphone that uses a standard, 4-conductor 3.5mm diameter male headphone jack can potentially instigate the issues described here if not stabilized properly.

RBH Sound will be including at least one stabilizing spacer in newly purchased EP2 earphones. Also, RBH Sound will be sending our customers who have purchased the EP2 at least one stabilizing spacer they can install onto their EP2’s headphone jack to solve this issue. If you are an RBH customer, an attempt will be made to contact you by email about this and you will be given the opportunity to request at least one free stabilizing spacer. Those customers who have other brand earphones and headphones and who wish to purchase a stabilizing spacer may do so via the rbhsound.com web site.

RBH Sound recommends that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners contact Apple and report any issues they may have with the functionality and proper operation of their device.

Thank You

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