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The FB-W enclosure is a flexible, pre or post-construction rectangular acoustic foam box. Designed for in-wall speakers (see full compatibility list below), the FB-W provides a better enclosed environment for the speaker, thereby improving sound quality while also reducing sound transfer into other rooms. The FB-W can be mounted in-between standard 2x4 stud-framed walls during construction, or for post-construction installation, simply fold the FB-W lengthwise, push it through the speaker’s mounting hole and expand it into place inside. Once the FB-W is in place, just tack it to the framing.

The FB-W works with the following speaker models: VA-414, VM-414, VA-610, VM-610, VM-553, MC-414, MC-616, MC-553, and MCS-88.

Attenuation: Up to 15dB
Dimensions: 31" H x 14" W x 3.5" D (788mm H x 356mm W x 89mm D)
Weight: .675 lbs. (.31 kg)


(Includes one rear enclosure.
Does not include installation.)


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