Model Name:
Driver Size:
1.8" (45mm) Beryllium
32 Ohms
Frequency Range:
8.82 oz. (250 grams)
6.3" W x 7.6" H (160mm W x 193mm H)
Package Contents:
Includes 1 pair of HP-2 headphones, protective carrying case, user’s manual, 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch phono jack plug adapter, and two detachable cables: (1) 3.9-feet (1.2m) deluxe black cable with controller and microphone and (1) 3.9-feet (1.2m) High Resolution Cable.
HP-2 Graph

We take pride in the high performance award-winning sound that is RBH Sound. We feel everyone ought to be able to experience this spectacular sound, no matter if you are at home or on the go. While we are well known for the amazing loudspeaker systems we have been producing for almost 40 years, our headphones and earphones give you the opportunity to have this exceptional sound on-the-go.

With the ultra-light HP-2 headphones, you will be able to experience the same level of sonic fidelity as our reference speaker systems at just a fraction of the size, cost and weight. The HP-2 utilizes our 45mm diameter driver diaphragm that incorporates a beryllium surface that has been applied using a technique called, “thermal physical vapor deposition.” This micro-thin layer of beryllium provides an extended frequency response (10Hz to 40,000 Hz) that is much more linear than conventional driver diaphragm materials. These high-performance beryllium drivers, exclusive to RBH Sound, enable you to experience all the detail of your favorite recordings with true to life soundstage, ambience and fidelity. With the HP-2 weighing in at only 8.82 ounces (250 grams), we have gone to great lengths to make sure the HP-2 headphone is ultra-light for its size, so the listening experience can last for hours without the discomfort and fatigue you would normally experience from a heavier headphone. The pillow soft ear cushions are made with low-mass visco-elastic memory foam for exceptional comfort. We guarantee the HP-2, with a fit that is both ergonomic and natural, will be the most comfortable headphone you have ever used.

"The HP-2 sound so much better than the headphones I've paid over $1,000 bucks for, they are so lightweight I can even pick them up with my pinky. The HP-2 don't cause ear fatique or helmet hair and have great noise isolation too! I cranked these up and they sounded better than my reference headphones!-- Gene DellaSala,

The HP-2 ships with a lightweight, protective travel case and two audiophile quality cables. One cable is a straight-through, 1.2m RBH Sound Diamond cable for a premium listening experience; the other high fidelity cable features a smartphone controller with a built-in microphone that allows you to control most smartphone music functions and answer phone calls while listening.

  • Ultra high-resolution beryllium drivers.
  • Supple chamois-like (leather) earpads and headband.
  • High sensitivity and a comfortable fit.
  • Earcups swivel and lay flat for easy storage and convenience.
  • Lightweight, portable design for easy travel.
  • Two detachable 3.9-feet (1.2m) cables: A deluxe black cable with controller and microphone and a high resoultion cable.
  • Ships with a lightweight, protective travel case.
  • Elegant styling and exquisite workmanship.

HP-2 User's Manual
Technical Specifications Sheet

Just bought these and tried them. They sound AMAZING. Sourced from my NFB-11.28, my GOD the bass and sub-bass from the Mass Effect 3 sound track. Two tracks in and I am literally getting chills down my spine at how majestic it makes these two classical pieces sound. Clarity is top notch, mids and highs are smooth and neither recessed or forward. I give up. I'm never pursuing neutral sound again.

"Loved the EP-SB. These are just as amazing! Packaging: The product is beautifully packaged from the outside box to the internal precut foam protection that surrounds the headphone in the case. Exceedingly well done and professional, the packaging reflects a high end product.

Headphones and Carrying Case Fit and Finish: Fit and finish here is again excellent. The hard yet flexible case is well made and houses the headphone perfectly. I liked the Velcro closure internal pocket for holding the cables as; I like to carry the cables with me. The case is well made and should provide plenty of protection.The headphone design and feel is great. I particularly like the chrome bezel and brushed metal band. They are far lighter than my previous Bluetooth headphones (Parrot Zik, Beats, Sync, Senneheiser, etc.). Comfort is also excellent. The top band has always been a sore spot literally for me. Not so with these, it is well padded and coupled with the light weight of the overall unit causes me no discomfort. The clamping force (ear cup to head) is good. I am able to kneel down and move my head around quite quickly without the headphone becoming unsettled or shifting. The folding hinges provide a strong click and good feedback. The extension adjusters also click nicely and provide a wide range of adjustment. Overall, the fit and finish of these headphones easily matches or beats every other pair I have ever had.

Charging, Setup, and Operation: Out of box they were pretty much topped up. I plugged them in and they were ready in about 30 minutes. Pairing was easy. Held the multifunction button down and they paired directly to my phone (iPhone 6) with no issue. Further, every time I turned the headphone on it paired immediately. I like having the battery meter on the phone as well. Once paired, operating the headphone is easy. I prefer the three setup on this unit as it makes it easy to feel and use the controls. My most recent headphone (Parrot Zik) offered touch controls that did not work all of the time and made simple operations like volume control more work than it should have been. Overall, the intuitive simple controls are great and easy to use.> Sound: As I mentioned, I loved the EP-SB. They became my go to headphone for everything. Their sound was exceptional for Bluetooth. Those things sounded like they were wired. The HP-1B matches the EP-SB and beats it in the depth of the sound due to the larger drivers. The sound is clear and tight with good separation. The bass and mid bass response has noticeably been increased. The highs are clear and natural with no undue harshness or edge. I have heard things with these headphones that I did know were there. The sound great.

Phone calls sound great and people believe I am talking into my regular phone. All good there.

The battery on these things is crazy. I have been listening to these for at least 6 hours and the battery shows 90%. I think their 14 hour spec may be a bit understated. Awesome!!!

Priced at $199, these are an absolute steal. Let me put it this way, double the price and they are still a good deal. -- Wayde Robson,

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