The R-5E bookshelf/surround speaker offers a great degree of flexibility and will add elegance to any home theater. The 5¼-inch aluminum woofer accompanied by a 1-inch aluminized nano-silk dome tweeter delivers effortless, life-like mid and high frequencies. 5-way binding posts ensure solid electrical connections and accept a variety of wire gauges. Available in a standard phantom black, a satin finish designed for dark theater rooms where reflections are not ideal, it also resists scratches, scrapes and smudges. A gorgeous high-gloss black finish is also available which will add high-end panache without the high-end price.

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Model Name:
Impression Elite
System Type:
Bookshelf Speaker
Frequency Response:
55Hz-30kHz (±3dB)
86dB (2.83V @ 1 Meter)
Recommended Power:
25-125 Watts
(1) 5.25" (133mm) Aluminum
(1) 1" (25mm) Nano-silk Dome
Swivel Tweeter(s):
Tweeter Protection:
Crossover Frequency:
3,000 Hz
Crossover Slope:
8 Ohms
Available in standard Phantom Black or High-gloss Black Finish
Black Fabric
Finished Dimensions:
7.125” W x 12.5625” H x 8.625” D
(181mm W x 319m H x 219mm D)
11 lbs. (4.99 kg)
Speaker Bracket Holes:
2.36" (60mm) (Center to Center) 1/4-inch 20 Thread
5 Years (Extend Your Warranty)

Impression Series User Manual
Technical Specifications
Impression Series Brochure

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Speaker Combinations

Each RBH Sound speaker series can be mixed and combined within the like series, creating a vast selection of options to create a unique home theater experience.

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"Been anxiously waiting a while for this new version to come out. Oh my, was it worth the wait. I dropped out to the RBH mothership to see the new models. I watched my set get built. They have quite the grown up romper room behind closed doors. Initially, I took a pair of the R-5 home. It was astounding for the bottom entry to sound so good. I picked up a pair of the R-5e today. Since then, I have been doing some a/b comparisons between the R-5, R-5e and my go-to RBH bookshelf, the R5Bi. Within the first track, I knew my go-to set were replaced. As good as I thought they were, it’s laughable to listen to them now. So much missing detail, flat, lifeless, dull...pick an adjective. The higher end R-5e gives some of my Signature product stiff competition. The tweeter is really something special in both the R-5 versions. Audio tracks that are heavy with percussion (SpecialEXF) really sparkle. The low end was also a pleasant surprise. I was not expecting much content under 100hz. They can move some air. The port in the rear has more in common with a slurpy straw than a port, but not one touch of huffing or other unwanted sounds. The sound is full, wide and in perfect balance. Imagining is very precise. I’ve found my new two channel stereo speakers. I don’t feel a sub is needed for my serous music listening. I love a great two way bookshelf because it’s so cool to hear such a small piece of engineering deliver such a big sound. Kinda like a well orchestrated magic trick. I love em. The “dollar spent/value given” is the widest margin I’ve seen so far with RBH products. They always give a bang for the Deutschmark, but damn, what a deal. Cheers"

— C. Winberg

"I received my Impression Elite speakers today, R55E’s and R515E, I was totally blown away! First let me say how awesome RBH service is, it’s a pleasure doing Business with RBH. Shipped out the order the day I placed my order in 4 days I had my Impression Elite speakers. Opened up all 3 boxes everything was there, double box well packaged not a scratch or fingerprint on any of the speakers. When I removed the covering off of the speakers I was awestruck just how beautiful the speakers are! I installed the outriggers place them in my setup. I fired up my system, Yamaha 7790 AVR paired with an Emotiva XPA- 5 1st gen. My setup is in a 5.1, Polk Audio PSW 505 alone with surrounds, Onkyo 6 disc CD 390. I started out with Gordon Lightfoot, was totally blown away by a huge sound stage! Very smooth low end with Authority! The mid range, clean very detail, highs are the best I have ever heard! I than cranked up the volume about to reference level, again clean very detailed imaging, background details in music was very noticeable bass output tight accurate sounding! The Gloss Black enhances the aluminum drivers to the point of outright sexy looking speakers!! These Impression Elites just scream high Quality, High definition sound! The build of these Elites are outstanding! Solid! Clean! With a soundstage to die for! Best sounding Tweeter I have ever heard! I can’t thank “Audio Pharmacist” enough, I highly recommend this dealer. Believe me I done a ton of research since July of this year to October when I finally placed my order, and nothing comes close to RBH Impression Elites, without spent 2K more! I know I tried to find some other speaker manufacturers that came up to the build, with aluminum drivers used, high Quality crossover and the High quality finish that the Elites have, nothing comes close! I would like to thank RBH for their outstanding service and “Brian” for making sure my order got to me fast! RBH has a customer for life!!"

— C. Walker

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