Quartz and feldspar, molten together at over 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit deep in the Earth’s crust for millions of years, have helped create this stunning piece of art. Granite is one of the strongest and most dense materials known to man. This all-natural, beautiful, and sustainable material is combined with Status Acoustics’ relentless pursuit of sonic perfection: decades of research and development, changes in components and design, and innumerable hours. Introducing the all new Voce Fina reference standard bookshelf monitor.

The Voce Fina is no ordinary speaker system; gone are traditional building materials, methods and components. The Voce Fina elegantly brings together award-winning craftsmanship with the finest materials and components money can buy. Due to its unique design, the Voce Fina is capable of presenting its pure musical fidelity, the ultimate goal of any audiophile. For more information click here.

Proprietary Beryllium alloy mid-woofers and Beryllium Scan-Speak tweeters are used due to their unparalleled performance.