NOTE: The SVTR modular tower system is a combination of the SV‑831 modular monitor speaker and one of the four SV‑1212 subwoofer models.

The unbelievable performance of the SVTR is due to the combination of a dispersion-averaging alignment with RBH’s aluminum cone technology. Inheriting the award-winning Signature Series T-1’s driver configuration, the mirror-image SV-831R focuses the sound at the listening position for incredible imaging. The SV-831R employs three 8-inch aluminum cone woofers and an AMT tweeter and is designed to be placed atop any of the four SV-1212 subwoofer models. When combined with a SV-1212 subwoofer, the result is an acoustic experience that is nothing short of astounding. This modular tower system, the SVT, is capable of handling copious amounts of power while delivering paramount fidelity and performance for even the largest home theater or listening room.

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(Includes one SV-831R modular monitor speaker,
one SV-1212 subwoofer and owner's manual)


See individual products for specifications, SV-831R, SV-1212N, SV-1212NR, SV-1212P and SV-1212PR.

Signature SV Series Owner's Manual
Signature SV Series Brochure

Speaker Combinations

Each RBH Sound speaker series can be mixed and combined within the like series, creating a vast selection of options to create a unique home theater experience.