T-3/R Tower Modular Speaker


The T-3/R is a modular speaker system, the epitome T System of the RBH Sound Signature Series. Encompassing the best of what this system has to offer, the towering T-3/R has the capability of knocking you back in your seat, yet it can reproduce even the softest of whispers. Dual 1010-SE/R subwoofer sections are used to provide system flexibility, allowing for both full-range and LFE configurations. The T-3/R faithfully reproduces everything it is sent. A must-have for the audio and home theater connoisseur.

The T-3N/R consists of a T-1/R sandwiched between two 1010-SEN subwoofers (non-powered system). The T-3P/R combines the T-1/R and two 1010-SEN subwoofers along with two SA-500DSP subwoofer amplifiers (powered system). With an additional 1010-SEN subwoofer added the T-3/R has a dynamic range that clearly puts it in a league of its own.

For the person who wants nothing short of the best, the T-3N/R or T-3P/R is the only way to go. By "sandwiching" a T-1/R in-between two 1010-SEN subwoofers the T-3N/R system is created. The T-3P/R also combines the T-1/R and 1010-SEN but includes four SA-500DSP subwoofer amplifiers. The towering T-3/R system provides astounding sonic clarity throughout the frequency spectrum, and can produce sound pressure levels that would rival a commercial theater. The T-3/R also offers the most flexibility, allowing for both full-range and LFE configurations for the 1010-SEN sections.

As with most RBH Signature Series product the T-3N/R and T-3P/R are only available in any one of 30 different real veneer finishes. For all of the Signature Series click here.

Model Name:
Signature Reference T System
System Type:
Tower Modular Speaker
Frequency Response:
20Hz-20kHz (±3dB)
92dB (2.83V @ 1 Meter)
Recommended Power:
100-1300 Watts
(4) 10" (254mm) Aluminum
(4) 6-1/2" (165mm) Reference Aluminum Cone
(3) 1.1" (28mm) Reference Silk Dome
Tweeter Protection:
Swivel Tweeter(s):
Crossover Frequency:
2,500 Hz
Crossover Slope:
4 Ohms
Cabinet Material:
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Cabinet Finish:
30 Different Custom Veneer Finishes
Black Fabric
13-1/4" W x 91-3/4" H x 18" D
(337mm W x 2330mm H x 457mm D)
222 lbs. (100.07 kg)
5 Years
T-1 or T-1/R:
Modular Loudspeaker (sold either as each or by pairs, below are examples of pairs).
T-2N or T-2N/R:
2 each of T-1 or T-1/R plus two 1010-SEN or 1010-SEN/R.
T-2P or T-2P/R:
2 each of T-1 or T-1/R plus two 1010-SEN or 1010-SEN/R and 2 each SA-500DSP.
T-3N or T-3N/R:
2 each of T-1 or T-1/R plus four 1010-SEN or 1010-SEN/R.
T-3P or T-3P/R:
2 each of T-1 or T-1/R plus four 1010-SEN or 1010-SEN/R and 4 each SA-500DSP.

*T-2N, T-2P, T-3N and T-3P models include braces and base feet with hardware.

T System Manual
T System Brochure
Technical Specification Sheet

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