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I can't describe how happy I am that the speakers finally arrived. I only had the opportunity to check one sub (SV-1212N) and one SV-831. Wow this speakers looks amazing. It looks better in person than in pictures. It don't show how great and massive they truly are.

Thanks Shane in helping me get the right speakers for my room. Even with your busy schedule you took the time to write me back and I can't thank you enough. You even wrote when you was in CES.

Daren thanks for the patience in answering all the questions and doubts that I had. RBH is really lucky to have you. Your customer service is by far one of the best I have seen. Even though I didn't personally know you I felt that I could trust you through the entire process. Thanks!

Gene thanks for advising me to check out RBH. I had my mind set for another speaker brand and you told me about RBH. I can't thank you enough. Your web consultation is amazing I learned more talking to you those few hours than all my years searching online. Audioholics rocks keep up those videos in YouTube I learn a lot from them. ––epaulino26 (03/29/2017)

03/2015 RBH Sound EP-SB Bluetooth Earphones Review
10/2014 RBH Sound EP-SB Wireless Earphones

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09/2018 RBH Sound R-55E Floorstanding Speaker Review
08/2018 RBH Sound R-5 Bookshelf and R-515 LCR Speaker Review
08/2018 RBH R-5 Bookshelf and R-515 LCR Speaker Measurements and Analysis
07/2018 RBH ProStereo H2 Wireless Earphones Review
03/2018 RBH Revamps Impression Series Speakers
11/2017 RBH Signature SV-61R Bookshelf Speaker Review
10/2017 RBH Sound Sidekick Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review (10/2017)
09/2017 RBH Sound Sidekick Bluetooth Speaker Review
03/2017 2017 Subwoofer Roundup: Seven Models Compared
01/2017 RBH Sound I-12/e Ported Subwoofer Review
09/2016 Signature Reference Speakers Enhanced with New AMT Tweeter
06/2016 RBH HP-1B Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review
04/2016 SI-1010P In-floor or In-Ceiling Subwoofer Review
10/2015 RBH EP3 Noise Isolating Earphones Review
09/2015 RBH EP3 In-Ear Monitor Headphones First Listen
05/2015 RBH MC-4C Bookshelf Speaker Review
04/2015 Audioholics Top AV Gear Guide for 2015
03/2015 RBH EP-SB Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review
03/2015 RBH EP-SB Bluetooth Stereo Earphones Review
11/2014 Best Ported Subwoofer: RBH SX-1212P/R
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06/2014 Father’s Day Electronics Gift Guide 2014
06/2014 High End 7.x Channel Recommended Home Theater System
05/2014 RBH Sound SX-10/R and S-10 Subwoofers Review
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09/2012 RBH Signature SX-1212/R Reference Subwoofer Video Preview
08/2012 EP1 Noise Isolationg Earphones Review
11/2011 SX-12 Subwoofer Review & Measurements
11/2011 SX-12 Subwoofer Video Review
10/2011 SX-61 & SX-61/E Bookshelf Speakers Video Review
09/2011 S-10 & S-12 Subwoofers Preview
08/2011 SX-6300/R Tower Speaker

11/2011 The 25 Ultimate Audiophile Speakers of All Time (T-30LSE)

11/2017 EP3 Noise Isolating Earphone Review

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09/2011 Editior's Picks
08/2010 Review 8300-SE/R
05/2010 CES 8300-SE and 8300-SE/R

12/2012 RBH EP1 Review

08/2012 RBH Sound Rocks Out EP1 Noise Isolating Earphones
09/2011 S-10 and S-12 Subwoofers
09/2011 Visage In-Ceiling Speakers
09/2011 A-605 In-Ceiling Speakers
08/2011 SX-6300/R Tower Speaker

11/2011 SX-12 Subwoofer
07/2011 SX-6300/R Tower Speaker
01/2011 Signature SX Series Loudspeakers

04/2010 MC-6CT Tower Speakers

Head Fi

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10/2014 Earphone Video Review

HF Headfonics

05/2017 The HP-2 by RBH Sound

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09/2019 RBH Sound Debuts New Subs, Architectural Speakers, and a Powered Monitor at CEDIA 2019
02/2019 RBH R-55E Impression Series Elite Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviewed
06/2018 RBH Sound SV-661R Bookshelf Speaker Reviewed
11/2017 Signature Reference SV-6500R Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed
01/2015 CES Delivers Higher-Quality Audio at Lower Prices
01/2015 RBH Reveals New Signature SV Series Speakers
10/2014 RBH Cuts the Cord with New Wireless Earphones
08/2014 CTx Series Speaker System
06/2013 RBH EP2 Earphones
05/2013 RBH SX-1212P/R Powered Subwoofer Reviewed
03/2013 RBH Sound Introduces High-Performance Earphones
04/2010 SI-6100/R In-wall Speaker

09/2019 RBH Sound Debuts PM-8 Studio Monitor

12/2015 RBH EP-3 Earphones Review
02/2015 RBH EP-SB Earphones Review
03/2013 RBH EP2 Earphones Review

02/2015 EP-SB Wireless Earbuds
08/2012 EP1 In-Ear Headphone


03/2016 RBH Sound HP-2 Headphones
9/2019 CEDIA Expo 2019 - Denver, USA
03/2016 RBH Sound HP-2 Headphones
12/2015 RBH Sound EP3 Earphones

04/2013 2013 Headpone Shootout Part 2: The IEM’s
11/2011 SX Series 5.1 System

04/2017 R5Bi Bookshelf Speakers

01/2016 EP3 Earphones
03/2013 EP2 Earphones

12/2013 EP1 & EP2 Earphones

07/2013 The Best $200 In-ear Headphones

04/2013 EP2 Earphones
09/2012 EP1 Earphones

07/2017 HP-1B Headphones

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